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Andere zu inspirieren, ist meine Leidenschaft

Driven by my love of life and the constant urge to progress, I made the acquaintance of the world-famous company Tessier , a manufacturer of sports equipment for people with disabilities, in 2015. Due to my passion for snow in particular, I tested the Duo Dualski on the Hirschberg and was immediately impressed.

From then on, skiing gave me such joy and gave me a feeling of freedom away from my wheelchair for the first time, so I decided to set up a Ski Cup to show other people with disabilities that a handicap doesn't have to be a handicap !

Since I would also like to do another new sport in summer, I stood with friends on a stand up paddle board in my wheelchair for the first time on the Tegernsee in August 2019 at the Suping in Sailing Center Tegernsee .

From now on I am also a passionate water sports enthusiast and it was not the last time I was on a supboard.

How to experience the enthusiasm for skiing and other sports, you can see on my YouTube channel or

I would be very happy if you subscribe to my channel.


Stay healthy all of you!


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